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Swimming With The Fishes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yeah, I know... it's kind of an Italian term... but in this case it was REALLY cool!

I actually dove down and saw the fish! The underwater world is so beautiful! It's really amazing all the things that God put down there- hidden beneath the water! ...And the colors are AMAZING! I have loads of underwater pictures that I took with my camera!

I'll upload them later. It took a while just to write this page. The internet has been very slow. But it's so great to be able to share with you what we are doing!

I hope the kids really get the impact of this trip! To be able to swim in the Great Barrier Reef and study the fish and coral is really a gift! The kids got to collect data on two different types of fish (parrot fish and the butterfly fish) to see what kinds of foods they are eating in a 5-minute time segment. They also measured the ocean floor in 20-meter segments to see what kinds of coral are growing in those spots. They identified coral as: Hard corals (coral massive, coral branching and coral tables), Soft corals, Dead coral and algae, rubble, sand and algae. They did an amazing job! Today we took the data and put it in Excel to see what all that information looks like in graphs and charts.

I'll post my other pictures soon! Tomorrow we fly up to Brisbane to go to the Australia Zoo! The Pedwells and Maria Mead will be meeting us up there! I can't wait to see them! It's still a little surreal that I'm in Australia... and we only have 2 days left. It went by so fast!

I'm looking forward to getting home to my family! My daughter got asked out on her first date while I was away, and I want to get home to pick out a cute outfit (...but not TOO cute! Wink!)!

Mrs. McGuire


So said...

Dear Mrs. McGuire,

Reading your blogs always bring tears to my eyes... When I read the itinerary and learned you were going to swim in the Great Barrier Reef, I was in amazement and to now see some of the photos - I am totally speechless. Tyanna has been in constant communication with me via BB and everyday she's always so excited to share what she's experienced. Mrs. McGuire, I can't thank you enough for inviting Tyanna to share such an adventurous and learning experience with DSA. This has truly been a blessing in our lives and I am forever grateful.

Lots of Love,

Monah said...

Once again, these pictures are magnificent Mrs. McGuire. Thanks for sharing your
adventures with us. This has been a thrill of a life time. I say a
"Special Thank You" to ALL who have made this possible. I know I have been
fascinated every step of the way. May God continue to Bless, guide and
protect you through this wonderful journey. Have a safe trip home.
Love you always Tyanna,

- Nana

Gabbs said...

Carol Anne
We are all so excited for you and your students, what a trip! What a way to experience the fun of learning. I wish I was there.

Małgorzata said...

I wish all children would have the chance to learn this way! I think that such a trip stands for many maaaany Maths, Nature Studies lessons. And above all, it shows how beautiful and precious the world is.

elmer asencio said...

Wow I didnt know about the parrot fish and the butterfly fish wow are they beautiful fish. I would realy like to see one of those fish. And also did you guys found out what kind of foods they eat. Because they sound like preety amazing fish. I realy want to see them know.

Wow I also didnt know about coral massive, coral branching and coral tables, Soft corals, Dead coral and algae, rubble, sand and algae. I dindnt know that there where so many corals. I didnt even think that there was so many corals in the deep ocean. This is realy amazing information. Are all the corals together. This is all new stuff I learned.

Madeleine Smith said...

WOW! I have always wanted to go see fish in the ocean. As far as I ever got was that I got stung by a jelly-fish on my knee(owwww!). It must have been beautiful to see all of the coral.I have dead coral at home in my bed-room but I think that it would be more beautiful alive and in the ocean were it blongs.

Madeleine Smith

Anita Wong said...

You are really lucky to be able to go the Great Barrier Reef. I wish that I could go there too. It sounds so wonderful. How does a butterfly fish and a parrot fish look like? I have never seen one before.
Anita Wong

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