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Driving in Australia

Friday, May 29, 2009

G'Day Mates!

This sign is posted everywhere! I suppose it's to remind visitors (like us) to drive on the correct side of the road! I do have to say, it was a little strange to drive on the left, but you get used to it. The only time it's really crazy is when you make a turn! It catches us every time! We've stopped making audible gasps, but it's still pretty funny!

One of the signs that cracks us up is the sign of Kangaroo Crossing... underneath the sign it has a number to call for injured animals. The kids wanted to know if the kangaroos knew how to use phones! Ha!

Keep writing in our blogs! Every morning, when we get on the bus, I read all of your posts to the kids! They always get really excited when they hear from home! But it's especially exciting to hear from those of you that they don't know! Keep it up! We LOVE hearing from you!

Mrs. McGuire


Lucas said...

must be hard to drive left.Have a great time downunder and let the photo's come our way, Love it!!!

lroe said...

Wow! I'm learning so much by reading your blog! I didn't know the tallest tree was in Australia. The rainforest sounds so exciting! My only experience of a rainforest was in the Baltimore Aquarium! I'm going to share your blog with some of our second grade students who were studying Australia! Keep sharing the details of your travels!

Ms. McGuire said...

Hi Lori,
Well, the tallest tree is actually NOT in Australia... it's in California! Go team! However, they are working hard to build up their Mountain Ash. It has the potential to be the tallest tree in the next 25+years. We were pretty excited that out of all the places in the world, CALIFORNIA still holds the record! (Sorry to my Aussie friends! In 25+ years you can hold bragging rights!)

The Pedwells said...

The corners were the hardest bit when I was driving in California - (aside from the the traffic, traffic traffic that is :) )

Macy G4 said...

Hey! I miss all you guys and can't wait till you come back! It sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun! Mom- if you ever get sad just remember the girl scout song that Nana made me sing ;) I just went to the AP meeting and they said that we will have over an hour of homework per night including weekends... yikes! I still think I'm gonna do it though :) Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi there Mrs McGuire and students! It's great that you are in Australia enjoying all the neat things that are unique to Aussie.

Are you going to attend any sporting events while you are there. There is always fierce competition between New Zealand and Australia in most sports. One that is on at the moment is Rugby League, many of our students follow this sport and have Australian League players that they follow.

Looking forward to a post soon about sport there in Australia. Maybe you can take some pics for us too!

Take care and be safe - watch out for those stray kangaroos.


Mrs Tele'a and the students of Pt England Primary New Zealand.


stuartnz said...

Hi Carol Ann
Exciting ready about your Australian adventures. Now what is really crazy is when an Australian or New Zealander drives on the 14 lane Los Angeles freeways! Great to read about your adventures "down under"
take care
- Now safe and sound back in New Zealand from the most amazing education tour of California

Dexter Nicholson said...

Driving in Australia is very easy as drivers are really polite. I did experienced one on spending about 5 minutes on an alley that only fits one car. the other car at the end of the road is signaling for the other car to pass by and our driver was signaling the same way. waiting for the other to pass politely and patiently.

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