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An Early Welcome From Melbourne!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hello Fellow DSA Adventurers!

I have arrived in Melbourne and am anxiously awaiting your arrival! Final preparations have been made, everyone is excited and waiting for your flight to land!

This is where you will find your welcome crew on Wednesday!

Also, let me introduce a key person to our upcoming adventure, our Travel Manager Amanda! Amanda has traveled the world over (I believe her country count is now over 40) but is originally from the Melbourne area and currently living here, enjoying this wonderful area and loving being near her family again. Amanda truly has a "Discovery" spirit, believing that often, the experience is the best reward for doing anything. She will keep us organized, on track, up to date and just be a great deal of fun along the way. She can't wait to meet you all and can't wait to show you Australia, her country, a country that all her travel has made her love even more. She truly loves introducing people to this amazing place, and just can't wait to begin showing it to you! Hi Amanda!

This is how you will see her most of the time during our trip - lanyard on, cell phone in hand to call all our contacts and keep the mechanics of the trip going smooth, and a big welcoming smile!!

Met someone else today who can't wait until you arrive - Rita, a very rambunctious wombat who has been very naughty and thoroughly ruined her enclosure. She can't wait for some helping hands to get it all ready to go again, with some definite improvements in the landscaping! I would post a picture, but all it would be is some grumbling snores coming from her hollow log - I caught her when she was too tuckered from her attempts at being a bulldozer to be bothered with posing for blogs....

Can't wait until you get here!!! Hurry up, don't you know it's already Monday in Australia and you are supposed to be departing?! :)

Catherine, Amanda and Rowdy Rita


Mr. Shelton said...

Very much looking forward to our arrival in Melbourne, although we do have quite a long flight ahead of us. See you on Wednesday. Will I get my day back upon return to the US?

Stacey said...

Sarah is very excited for her trip. We just got back from the airport. All the kids looked very excited and happy and of course they can hardly wait to get there.

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