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Monday, May 25, 2009

We just had a homemade spaghetti dinner at my parent's house! Mmmmm... Mom makes the best pasta EVER!

We had last minute checks and were wondering if we will need heavier coats. From my iPhone, it looks like the temperature in Melbourne is 54 F. at the high.

Bobby is loading up my iPod with movies and music. I'm wondering how we will all do on a 17 hour flight! I just hope we all get some sleep!

Here we come!
Carol Anne


Lucas said...

Only 17 hours? That's not so long ;-)

jahlil aka your friend said...

hey Ms. maguire sup K-Rue and doogan

Ms. McGuire said...

Hi Jahlil!
I'm so excited you wrote! We miss you all at NVLA and can't wait to get back and share our adventures! Don't forget to post comments to the kid's blogs, too!
See you soon!
Mrs. McGuire

lance said...

You guys are famous!

jahlil aka your friend said...

thx but don't know how to really

jahlil aka your friend said...

tyanna whats up

jahlil aka your friend said...

duggan when you come back tell k-rue i said hi ms.migurie how do i put things in peoples blog

lasa54 said...

i miss all of you and i cant wait till you come back

by jahlil

日月神教-向左使 said...


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