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Australia Adventure

Melbourne and the Moonlit Animal Sanctuary

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Upon our arrival to Melbourne, Australia our fully loaded itinerary jumped into high speed.  We spent a portion of our first morning here touring the great city of Melbourne.  We learned many cool things about the city.  Among the many things we learned are that there is loads of art around the city and the architecture is as wide a variety as the culture here.  One of the buildings that I found of particular interest was the Flinders Street Station.  I was able to capture a number of photos of this great building.  Below is one of the photos I was able to get

After our seemingly brief tour of the city (I would like to return at some point) we headed out to the Moonlit Animal Sanctuary.  There the students learned many things about the animals in Australia, their habitats, their behavioral characteristics, and the effects of environmental change on them.  We learned many interesting things about the animals in Australia.  One student, Lulu, had the opportunity to interview one of the animal managers at Moonlit.  The interview is below. 

So I will close this posting with the following questions for the readers:

What percentage of animals in Australia are mammal?

Of this percentage what is the percent of mammals that are also marsupial?

And finally what percentage of the animals are nocturnal?

Feel free to post your reply in the comments section or even better see if you can get one or more of your students to research the answers to these questions.

Note: We learned the answers to these questions during our time at the animal sanctuary


Andy Losik said...

This trip to view animals sure sounds a lot more exciting than the one you, Ms. McGuire, and I took last summer. It sounds like a great adventure. I will put the 3rd graders on to your challenge later this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

In reference to Mr. Shelton's question about the animals in Austrailia. After all the tweets yesterday about one of the group members late for the buss and late night tweeting last night, I hope Mr. Shelton included himself as one of the nocturnal animals. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol Anne,This is Maria from Son light church, we hope you are having a good time and all is going.Can please e=mail me to let me know you got this.At, Thank you.

Michael Johnson said...

Dear Mr Shelton,

Sounds like you are having a great time, and hope everyone learnt lots at Moonlit Sanctuary! You might be interested to learn we won a major environmental award last Friday, we are certainly pleased with ourselves!


Michael Johnson
Moonlit Sanctuary

DOColtun said...

Mr. Shelton, You know I'm not so good at the blogspots, but I finally got through to your Utube videos. Rainforest looked wonderful. Sorry about the autopsy...Don't think I'd like that myself. Oh, forgot to tell you it'd be rainy winter (think post-Thanksgiving Denver, yes?). Anyway, looks like you're all having a wonderful time. Give the ladies a smile for all of us they left at home. Tell them to let us see Ayers Rock. You're off the the Barrier Reef soon,yes? Get more videos in, please. Or tell me where to find them! Back to the trenches! Ms. (Debbi) Coltun Don't understand the SELECT PROFILE (sorrrry)

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